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What Is A No-Fault Divorce

  • By: Nancy Burnett
  • Published: October 29, 2018
What Is A No-Fault Divorce

In the past, you could not get a divorce unless you could prove that your spouse committed adultery, abuse or something else that the law considered proper grounds for a divorce.

As divorce grew more common, the law changed to allow people to get a divorce without showing that anyone was at fault. In Georgia, the ground for divorce that does not require fault is irreconcilable differences. The statute requires a 31-day waiting period for divorces based in irreconcilable differences.

Typically, the ground for a divorce where the parties agree on all of the terms is irreconcilable differences. A no-fault for divorce allows the parties to get a less hostile divorce and avoids the need to prove in court that your spouse did something wrong.

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