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Dalton Family Law Attorney

Burnett Law focuses on the family. We are located in Dalton, Georgia and serve clients in Whitfield and Murray Counties. Raised in Dalton, and practicing law since 1990, Nancy A. Burnett is familiar with the area and its people.

Our mission is to provide outstanding service using knowledge, experience and creativity to educate and empower our clients and partner with them to solve their legal problems.

Our Family Law Services

Your family is our priority.

Choosing a family lawyer that can offer proactive advice about your circumstances is paramount. At Burnett Law, we will go the extra mile for you by meticulously analyzing every aspect of your case and constructing a legal strategy that reflects your family’s needs.

Every family law case is different, that’s why it is so important to understand the qualities of your particular situation. Attorney Nancy Burnett will work with you personally to come up with a dynamic legal plan that serves the goals and ambitions of your family. Through transparent communication and intentional relationship-building, Nancy Burnett will stand with you every step of the way – no matter what.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce doesn’t always have to be messy. An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties within a marriage agree to divorce on amicable terms. This means there are no disputes involving money, property, child custody, child support, spousal support, or other family-related issues. This proceeding often saves an immense amount of time and money due to the fact that it simplifies the court procedures involved.

While an uncontested divorce is typically a simple, non-confrontational type of divorce, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have legal safeguards in place. Taking a preventative approach to your uncontested divorce can offer immense advantages in the future – should anything change between you and the other party. What’s more, ensuring that the agreed-upon terms and conditions are beneficial and fair to both parties is crucial.

By working with an expert uncontested divorce attorney from Burnett Law, you can be sure that your divorce will be managed with professionalism and confidence. Make sure that your future is secure by evaluating all factors of your situation.

Child Custody

Determining a sustainable child custody arrangement is vital to the well-being and protection of your children. There are many factors that can affect the construction of a successful child custody plan, and it is important to understand how they coincide with your current situation.

Maintaining a certain level of consistency for your children greatly impacts the stability of their at-home environment. A parent with custody over their child controls many components of the child's life, including health care, education, and religious upbringing.

Given the legal proceedings associated with child custody agreements, your decisions should be well-informed and based on the best interests of your child. There are several types of custody, and the court of jurisdiction for the divorce proceedings determines which one is granted.

Make sure your child gets the care they need with the assistance of a qualified child custody lawyer from Burnett Law. Legal representation from our firm will help you negotiate the terms of your custody arrangement and provide a clear path for both you and your child.


Adopting a child or adult is an exciting juncture to reach. With the many legal procedures involved in this process, it can be hard to focus on the significance of this occasion due to the complexities of the adoption system.

An attorney for adoption will be an integral part of your adoption journey. With their expertise, a legal professional can help you find a suitable adoption agency or independent adoptee while safeguarding your rights throughout the process. In addition to this, your lawyer will be able to help you with the paperwork involved, negotiate the terms and conditions of the adoption, and provide ongoing support and counsel as you move forward with your adoption.

Every adoption process is different, that’s why having a legal expert by your side to ensure that things go smoothly is so important. By working with Burnett Law, you can rest assured that your adoption proceedings are overseen with thoughtful consideration of both you and the individual involved.

Effective Legal Strategies, Proven Results

Venessa Masterson Attorney at Law
“Best attorney I’ve ever worked with. Communication was fantastic and extremely professional. My case was resolved successfully in less than a month forever grateful for such a smooth process thanks to Nancy and Christy” – Ana Alberto
Venessa Masterson Attorney at Law
“Got exactly what I asked for. MORE THAN reasonable cost!! Definitely worth consulting!" – Christina H

The Georgia Family Lawyer Who Puts Your Family First

What It Means To Choose Burnett Law
Our promise to our clients residing in Whitfield and Murray Counties…

If you are seeking a family law firm in the Dalton, Georgia area that will provide upstanding legal guidance, look no further than Burnett Law. Attorney Nancy Burnett partners with her clients and works with them one-on-one to solve their legal concerns with a competent understanding of family law.

Don’t deal with your legal problems alone. Our firm aims to help you make the legal decisions you need to make with a streamlined approach so that you can eliminate the expenditure of any unnecessary time and money. Whatever your circumstances may be, Burnett Law will work with you to make certain that you have a clear legal path ahead of you – aware of all of your options as you move forward.

Burnett Law puts your family first. The best way to construct a feasible legal plan is to speak with a skillful attorney about your state of affairs. For more information about this firm’s legal approach and how we can help you, please do not hesitate to call our office today to get started with an initial consultation.

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