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Handling Family Law Matters In Georgia

Handling Family Law Matters In Georgia Lawyer, Dalton City

A Professional Journey Rooted In Family Law

With a career originating in New York, I launched my legal journey in family law right after graduating from law school. I was a law guardian for a decade, a role akin to Georgia’s guardian ad litem. Following this, I moved to Tennessee, where I temporarily shifted focus to business law.

However, upon relocating to Georgia, I found myself drawn back to the domain of family law after recovering from a personal health challenge. Consequently, I have been dedicated to family law for nearly 30 years, making it the cornerstone of my professional life.

The Significance Of Family Law Cases

My first interaction with family law during law school elicited a deep affinity within me. I realized that individuals embroiled in family law cases are often in dire straits, in desperate need of assistance. The opportunity to extend this help is what makes these cases and clients profoundly important to me.

Addressing Initial Queries And Concerns Of Prospective Divorcees

When potential clients approach me, contemplating divorce or having already received a divorce notice, they are typically burdened with several crucial questions and concerns.

  • What is involved?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What are their chances of ‘winning’?

In response, I must often clarify that divorce is not about winning, but rather about minimizing losses. The shift from a single household to two separate households invariably leads to financial stress, as expenses double while the collective income remains unchanged.

Additionally, custody disputes can add to the stress. Clients often express worry about maintaining regular contact with their children and how key decisions about the child’s future will be made. These are all concerns we discuss in depth, aiming to alleviate some of the anxiety inherent in the divorce process.

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